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We took our favourite teddy/toy and a rug. The sun was shining and we had fun together.

                 WE HAD A GREAT SPORTS DAY.


Tuesday 19th of January, 2021. Morning everyone!!!! smiley Today for Literacy I would like you to do: Red Alphabetical order sheet 2: It is called  1.1b. Blue: Alphabetical order sheet A2a. Yellow s b m r sheet 2 - the next 1 after yesterday's . Numeracy: Red and blue.....Page 52 Time and measuring in cms. Yellow..Sort the shapes page. Everyone: 

Copy and paste the youtube link for "Be kind," book. Listen to the book being read and then answer the following questions in your book. Questions: 1. How can you be kind to someone? 2. How could someone else be kind to you? 3. You can draw yourself being kind to others. 


Friday 15th of January. Morning everyone- It's Friday!!! Today I would like you to watch the World War 2 video that I have put into "Assignments." This gives you an idea of what WW2 was all about. It is quite detailed so you might want to watch it more than once. There are some ads in it but you can just skip these and I will let you know there is an ad at the start so you could just move it on until 1 minute 10 seconds and you won't have missed anything. It is a great video and you will learn alot about WW2 from it. It also gives you a bit of background knowledge about the lead up to it and takes in some of WW1 as well. After watching this you can do the 3rd page in your "Spywatch," booklet. For Numeracy, I would like you to do a mental Maths sheet. It is Section 1 test 1. Yellow group you can do page 3 in your Maths booklet called "Mango Island." I have also set you a spelling activity on Reading Eggs/Eggspress.
[11:22 PM] E MC AULEY
Wednesday 13th of January. Good morning everyone!!! Today you will all have your packs-thanks for collecting these yesterday. You have 2 polly pockets inside your folder - 1 is Literacy stuff and 1 is Numeracy/Maths stuff. The Numeracy stuff is the 1 with the clock inside it. Inside the Numeracy there is sheet that says "Making a cube." You can make this by cutting out the net of the cube. Then draw this onto the sheet of coloured card that is in your pack. Then you can fold it into a cube and you can decorate your cube if you want to. This is the Literacy I want you to do today...... Red group- Sheet 1.1a Alphabetical order. Blue group- A1a alpahbetical order Yellow group-S and B sheet . It starts with "Write the correct letter at the beginning of each word. " If you have any problems just let me know on here and I will get back to you. For PE I would like you to tune in to CBBC and do the Marcus Rashford PE lesson. It starts at 10.05 but you can do it at anytime if you can go into BBC iplayer and click on today's schedule. Choose 1 of the books I gave you  and finish it for Friday. Also try and get some time playing outside today for at least half an hour. Thanks and keep up the great work!!!!

               PASSWORD FOR TEAMS

Remember boys and girls we changed your password from Primary4 to Password4.

We have been learning how to add tens and units.
We are learning about time.