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We hope you enjoy having a look through the photos of what we get up to in our classroom - it can be quite exciting!


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Outdoor camogie & hurling fun!!

Caitlin entertains us all with renditions of some "old favourites" on her cello!

Friday 5th June 2015


Today we had a visit from The Dairy Council for Northern Ireland.

Food and Fitness Getting the  balance right for your child.


The Food and Fitness programme has been developed by the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland to help teach primary school children about the benefits of a balanced diet and an active lifstyle.

Making Ice Lollies

Liam won our Year 6 Favourite Book character illustration and Ava won our Year 5 competition.  Very well done to both of them.  I love the 3 Little Pigs in our school uniform!

We have been presenting our Learning Logs about the Egyptians to the class.  What do you think of the work we prepared?

National Trust Guardianship Scheme

We went to Cushendun to plant trees to replace fallen and felled ones, so that, in the future, the red squirrel population will have a sustainable environment in which to live.  It was fantastic to see Kevin Duncan, a past pupil of our school, leading the conservation project for the National Trust.  We had a great time - AND - the weather was lovely, for a change!!!

As part of our school's Sustrans Active Travel Programme, we took part in a Big Street Survey.  We are investigating how to make the streets around our school safer and greener.  We will use the information from the survey to lobby decision-makers to make necessary changes.  We had a great time doing this activity.

We are studying the Ancient Egyptians at the minute in class.  We are making papier mache death masks and loving the mess we can make!!  Lucy and Mrs McGouran aren't too keen on the mess though!  We also wrote our names using Egyptian hieroglyphs.  We are also making paper mummies and sarcophagi following instructions.  We think they are really lovely.  What do you think? 



Well, what a laugh - apparently it's now spring - or so it seemed when we were making our St Brigid's Crosses!  Someone needs to tell the weatherman!!!!!

The Dog's Trust and Moyle Environmental Officer visited our school today to encourage year 5s to learn how to approach and handle dogs safely.  We had a great time with "Jed" the dog!

Fire Safety

Someone Who Inspires Me Presentations...

Carol Singing and Craft activities at the Giant's Causeway centre with 5 DMC

Making Symmetrical Patterns in class

Hallowe'en Dress-Up Day

World Of Owls...

visited our school and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing the birds, reptiles and insects.  The photos tell their own story!

Quadrangle Drama Day - our class took part in a drama workshop to prepare for a production of art for Ballycastle town.  We had great fun and are looking forward to seeing our work presented.

Tree Survey

Designing an "Effective" Seed for Dispersal



The National Trust came to our class to explain about how wildlife and plants live together in our forests.  We have been looking at red squirrels, so here are some photos of our own creations!!

We recently had our first outing into the big, wide world beyond the school walls!  We went on a ramble through Ballycastle Forest to view the local habitats and wildlife.  As we will be studying this topic for the next part of term, I am sure we will get another opportunity to share some of our work with you.  Keep an eye on this page and we will add photos as we go along!

Our Forest Art Work

The Owl Tree

Haiku Poetry

National Poetry Day Winners