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Water Quality Field Trip To Glenshesk

Salmon Ecology

Working with Mr Donnelly - A Civil Engineer.

P 7 Students have been working with Sentinus to complete a STEM Project ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) They have to research different structures and make a bridge to present at a university later in the year.  They have been working with Mr Donnelly who is a civil engineer and also a past pupil of the school. 

Water Quality Testing On Glenshesk River.

P 7 have been studying water pollution and its effects on fresh water organisms.  They studied about how rivers get polluted and how to test for pollution.  They then went to the Glenshesk River and carried out their tests at two sites to determine the river quality.  They found out that the Glenshesk River test 3 ( Good ) in terms of water quality and fresh water ecology.  They also looked at what organisms lived in the water and how they can tell us about pollution.  Students also got to identify river features and how pollution can enter a river.