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Welcome to 5 MMG.  We are looking forward to sharing what we get up to in the classroom with you all.  We hope you enjoy having a look at our photos.

Book Week Characters - some unusual class-mates in school today!

What do you think of our Ancient Egyptian Death Masks?

Grandparents' Day - oh how they wish they were behind these desks again!!!!

Soooooo proud of these wee hurlers!  Well done boys - Champs for your local club at Under 10!  The future is looking good.

It's 2016 - time is flying!  We were gathering some measurements today. Have a look.  We were measuring to the nearest centimetre.

It's almost Christmas, so we'd like to wish all our families a very happy and Holy Christmas.

Maths is such fun... weighing it all up!!

The National Trust were with us as part of our Guardianship Partnership scheme.  We were making messy bird feeders for our gardens in the winter months.


Hallowe'en is upon us!  School really is a scary place today...

Accelerated Reader Certificate winners October-  Nateshia and Mia.  Well done girls. Shona is Mathematician of the Month.  Great!

Here's a wee look at some of the first work we have produced for display in our classroom.  It's really colourful and we put a lot of effort into each display. 

We went for a dander through Ballycastle Forest to identify the types of trees and the different habitats of the forest area.  We were amazed at how cold it was when we were under the trees - out of the sunlight.

Sarah won our class competition for National Poetry Day.  Here is her poem.

Lunar light lovingly flowing down on      me      

I love the sight on this lunar night

Glad to be here on this lovely night

High in the heavens in the sky above me

Twilight twinkles settle my unresting spirit.


Food chains

We love doing maths and here you can see us looking at place value digit cards.

We are studying "Forests" as our first topic of the year.  Here are some photos of us out and about the school grounds identifying the type of tree by studying its leaves.

European day of languages and we were speaking a little German.  Gutten Morgen!!