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P5 DMC End of Year Day Out.
Literacy Skills
Hurling/Camogie training with Dominic McKinley

Friday 5th June 2015


Today we had a talk from The Dairy Council For Northern Ireland


Food and Fitness

Getting the balance right for your child.

The food and Fitness programme has been developed by the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland to help teach primary school children about the benefits of a balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

May is the month for Mary


The Great Wave by Hokusai'


Our Egyptian Death Masks


In ancient Egypt, masks were primarily used for two purposes: as death masks and as ritual masks.

Weighing Fruit
A visit from The Dog's Trust

Rachel McIlroy and Tomas McKay from P7 CA painted a red squirrel and a whorl snail for our school's comenius project.

The painting will feature in a calendar for 2015, along with art work from the other comenius partners in France, Spain, Italy, Slovena and Turkey.

Our Tree Tally walk.
Mike from World of Owls came to visit our school. We enjoyed it very much.

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