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Hi everyone. Just a little reminder to log on to your school account at myschoollogin - use your username and password that you use in school- go on to your accelerated reader app and keep up with your quizzes on the books you’ve been reading. I can see some of you are building up a great store of certificates for when we go back to school. Well done!

This is a link to our GAA 5 Star programme of activities that we've been working on during the school year.  I'm sure you'll enjoy these little skills and games in your garden.  Keep practicing - the school teams will need you next year.


If you work really hard at these skills and get an adult to record accurately what you score, they could print off the certificates below as you achieve the target!  There are bronze, silver and gold awards to achieve.  Good luck.

ETI Guidance and Resources for Parents during the School Closure 2020

We have received recent guidance from the ETI (Education and Training Inspectorate) regarding learning at home during the school closure.  (PDF document below) You will see that some of these websites mentioned are already on the list given out for your class and there are some others for you to explore.  The ETI state that “It is also very important that there is a balance between online learning, written and practical activities, outdoor learning and free time.” The teacher guidance given for your child includes written and practical activities as well as outdoor learning and free time.  Many of these activities particularly lend themselves to the home environment, taking the pressure off parents who feel they need to recreate a mini classroom at home – you will be relieved to know, you don’t!  

Home School Preparations:

Due to the ongoing circumstances surrounding the current covid-19 emergency, we are making some suggestions as to work activities your child could be doing while at home.  I have already provided your child with a jotter and some detailed suggestions for the immediate period ahead.  Please encourage them to continue to work their way through the website sections - particularly in maths and reading.

In school we generally do :

  • Literacy skills - spellings, handwriting, listening activities, comprehension and silent reading
  • an hour of literacy work
  • a break
  • an hour of numeracy work- PLEASE encourage use of online games to learn Times Tables!
  • lunch break
  • an hour of topic work - currently, Ancient Egyptians - next topic after Easter will be Water in our World
  • During the remaining time we fit in periods of PE, RE, talking and listening activities and art (Refer to link below from RTE for ideas).

Perhaps this will help you to schedule a "timetable" of sorts to keep your child in a routine to prepare for return to school.


I wish you and your family well going forward and will update this information as and when necessary.  Give your son or daughter a cuddle and tell them I am thinking of them and wish them all well.  Hopefully all will be back to normal soon and we'll see each other then.  Moira McGouran




Some of these suggestions are for much older children than Year 5 but they are included as I know most families have an age range within them.

A few "alternative" activities to lighten the day!

I thought you'd be interested in this article on


This YouTube channel is by Irish artist, Will Sliney - he draws for the Marvel comics and your child would be really inspired by his work.  He has just started doing an online lesson every day at 2pm to encourage little ones in the creative arts - so any of you who'd appreciate an opportunity to let your child draw and display their work, then tune in and enjoy this lesson.  It really is fabulous.


Some worksheets for The Twits

GAA 5Star fitness programme

Reading Eggs winner - Mommy & Daughter - well done Cliodhna!

Reading Eggs winner - Mommy & Daughter - well done Cliodhna! 1
Picture 1

Fair Trade

Looking at 3-d Shape and how it is used in the world around us

Happy Christmas everyone from 5 MMG

Anti- Bullying Week work

Around 230,000 children in Ireland are living in poverty. We have made footprint messages to send to the government to tell them to stamp this out! It is not right that any child in our country is living in poverty.

We are identifying trees by recognising their leaves.

Making felt minibeasts