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Welcome to Primary 7CK. 

This year I have an amazing class who are very excited about learning. 

The Primary 7 pupils take a lead role in helping to run the school.  They are involved in helping with the Nursery School, working as playground Peer Mediators and on school clubs such as the Eco Council and School Council.  Have a look at some of their exciting work and how they have represented our school.


STEM Challenge

Salmon ecology field trip

Making Pancakes

Titanic Science Investigations

Titanic Science Investigations.

Confirmation Preparation

At The Disco

Designing an egg experiment

At the Titanic Centre

Earlier this term some students from P 7CK got to launch (pardon the pun) a new resource that Mr Kinney had been working on with other teachers in N. Ireland to help teachers teach the topic of the Titanic.  The students who helped out on the day got to go to the drawing rooms of the Titanic Quarter and present some of their experiments. 

Take a look at their photos of that exciting and memorable day.

At the Titanic Drawing Rooms

On Thursday 16th October the P7 students were learning how to use the IDEAS strategy to teach something to their partner.  They took a learning styles inventory to determine if they were visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners and then designed a lesson to teach a skill.  Some of the lessons were very unique and even I learned how to do somethings like use Loom Bands and throw darts.  Take a look at the pupils, they all made excellent teachers.

Teaching Using The IDEAS strategy


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