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Summertime????? P1 visited the beach. We saw the swans from The Children of Lir starting their journey on the Sea of Moyle.
Minibeasts. Our last and favourite topic. On minibeast day we dressed up, we had a mininbeast picnic and a minibeast hunt. We made a super duper minibeast home.    Did you know????    75%of living thing on earth are minibeasts. Let's look after them.smiley
We have been learning about Finn Mc Cool. We went to the Giant's Causeway.
Fun Learning.
May is Mary's month. P1 visit the chapel.

May is Mary's month. P1 visit the chapel.

Can you guess our book characters???


March activities. A busy time....



2d shape
Exploring our 5 senses cheeky    laugh
We have been investigating waterproof materials..mail
St. Brigid brings the Spring. P1 tells us all about the story of St. Brigid and her cloak.
Didn't we all do fabnosmiley. Happy Christmas everyone.indecision

smiley P1 are learning about 3d shape.

Autumn is over. We have built nests for our hedgehogs to hibernate. Hope they stay cosy and warm. See you in the Spring!

Welcome to P1JD




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We are learning about Autumn. Let's investigate leaves....
Making porridge...

Task time is a busy time in P1. We have been learning all about number 1 and 2.

Welcome to Primary 1. The start of our school adventure! Look what we can do....