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Week starting 11th May

Friday 15th May

Good morning 5MMG- another week has hurtled by! I need to say a very big CONGRATS to Cliodhna on achieving another accelerated reader certificate- well done petπŸŽ‰

This week's stars in Reading Eggspress Comprehension are:


Caoimhe, Cliodhna, Emily, Isla and Katie.




The Spelling Experts for this week are: 


Caoimhe, Chloe and Isla.... amazing! 


Well done little people. 


The Prodigy Maths supremos for this week are:  Eli, Aoibheann, Aodhan, Isla, Emily, Chloe, Caitlinn and Roma.  Very impressive scores from all of you. Aoibheann & Eli deserve a special mention - I am so pleased to see the amount of time and effort you have put in this week.  Great work from you both. 

I hope you all have a good weekend and are looking forward to getting your new learning packs next week. I've put a link in the Art tab for some competitions and fun activities to help you take care of your teeth.  Why not have a wee look? Have fun.(By the way - I'm still waiting for photos of what you've been up to!)  Hot off the block- video of Katie in World Around Us tab!!!

Mrs McGouran

Wednesday 13th May

Hello everyone. I’ve put some art activities into the World Around Us tab - how to paint a watercolour seascape and how to make paper ships. It would be great if you could get an adult to take photos of these, if you do them, and of your May altar and send them to the school info email account and mark them for my attention. Gemma will forward the photos to me and I’ll put them up here for everyone to see! Thanks

Tuesday, 12th May

Hi everyone.
Quick round of applause to Aoibheann and Killian for fantastic progress in their prodigy maths this weekπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ». Eli you are a superstar with the amount of work you are doing- good lad🀠.

Caitlin, well done on achieving your next certificate on accelerated reader- we’re going to have a small mountain of them to give out at assembly when we get backπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

I have prepared lots of new worksheets for you and they will be printed and sent out next week- remember- do a little bit every day and try to enjoy yourselves while you’re doing it. There will be comprehension, maths, some general fun ones and the Water In Our World booklet from our world around us theme.  Plenty to keep you going until the summer holidays. I can hardly believe we’re nearly there! Take care.

Mrs McGouran


Monday, 11th May

Morning everyone...hope you all enjoyed your weekend like I did. We’re preparing new work to send out to you next week so please don’t print the Water workbook in the World Around Us tab- I’ll get it printed for all of you. In the meantime you could watch the videos and PowerPoint presentations to get ready for the workbook. I hope you’re all doing your Prim-Ed spellings every day and a grammar exercise. Remember to start your new activities in spelling and comprehension on Reading Eggspress this week- you all did brilliantly last week- well done.  Prodigy maths has a new challenge for this week and you should be doing a section of your mental arithmetic each day. Definitely make time each day to go outside and get some exercise in your garden.

I haven’t received any little videos from you doing your 5 star award skills- I’d really like to see how you’re getting on.

A huge round of applause to Katie- reached her accelerated reader target and achieved a new certificate level- well done you little superstar.

Chat soon


Mrs McGouran