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Week starting 4th May

Thursday 7th May

Hi 5MMG. I’ve just been checking all the online work you’ve been doing so far this week. Great to see a few new faces having a go- well done all of you!  In prodigy maths all of the following deserve a huge cheer for their work this week- amazing effort! Eli, Aodhan, Chloe, Caoimhe, Roma, Kayla, Conall, Emily, Rhyss, Caitlinn, Maisie, Mischa and Cliodhna. You’re doing really really well so keep at it- you’ll all be geniuses by the time we get back to school and you won’t need a teacher at all πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I’m delighted to see Kayla getting her next award on accelerated reader!  Well done sweetheart! Keep going and see what level you can get to by the end of all this. Anyone else up for that challenge. Go on- give it a go!  Our Reading Eggs star so far this week is Caoimhe- brilliant pet. The Reading Eggspress superstars are:Aaliyah, Aodhan, Chloe and Roma. Amazing work all  of you. I’m so impressed- well done.  Have any of you done your art activities this week and decorated your May altars? Go and have some fun and I’ll chat tomorrow - bye.

Mrs McGouran

Wednesday 6th May

Hi everyone. I hope you’re all working hard and making your way through the packs sent home to you, as well as doing your best to complete the assignments online in Prodigy maths, Reading Eggspress and accelerated reader.  Well done Katie- you’re making great progress on your reading targetπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š

Mums and dads, those booklets sent home - mental arithmetic, spellings and grammar have enough work in them to last until the end of this term- it’s only supposed to be one section/ page per day - exactly the same way as we used them all year for homework.  The comprehension passages will be replaced in a few weeks if necessary. As you all know, none of us really know what the plans are for the future and it was for this reason that I was trying to be “super organised” by sending home the workbooks I had already planned for this term. I’m really sorry if I’ve confused you into thinking that was only for 3-4 weeks work. I’ll bet you’re relieved to hear that. Apologies again. If you’d like to wait for a few days before printing off the workbooks in the World Around Us tab for Water In Our World, I could arrange to have those printed in school for you. Again, the uncertainty is beyond our control so please give me a few days in case we get more certainty. Apologies again for any confusion I may have caused and I’ll be in touch again soon. Thanks

Mrs McGouran

Tuesday 5th May

Hi 5 MMG- another beautiful day. A big shout out to Scarlett- well done reaching your accelerated reader target pet!

I’ve placed some new resources in the World Around Us tab for our new topic for this term. There is plenty of stuff there to keep you amused for quite some time so have a look and see how you get on.  Remember to keep up with Prodigy maths and reading eggspress- I’m keeping an eye on all you do and it’s fabulous. Chat soon.

Quick shout out to:  Eli, Chloe, Conall, Mischa, Maisie, Cliodhna, Caoimhe, Aodhann and Caitlinn - great work on Prodigy Maths!  Keep it up.


Mrs McGouran

Monday, 4th May

Good morning 5MMG. I’m sure you all enjoyed the weekend- wasn’t the weather just beautiful? I’d like to start the week by singing our morning prayer- perhaps you can gather your family together for 5 minutes, in a circle and thank God for keeping us all safe?

I’m sure you already know that during the month of May we celebrate Mary, Jesus’ mother.  We can do this by making a May altar in our houses, by putting a statue or picture of Mary somewhere special and surrounding it with flowers. These flowers and their amazing colours and shapes remind us of how special and beautiful God’s love is for all of us. You can all say your prayers near the altar and please remember all the people from our parish who are lonely or isolated and who might be finding this time difficult. Ask God to look after them and help them to get through this strange time.  To help you make an altar, I have added some links in the art icon, on our class homepage which show you how to make and sketch flowers and trees- you could use any type or colour of paper or fabric you can find in the house. Why not try making them and have a bit of fun doing it? I bet they’ll turn out beautifully. 

​​​Will you all work hard this week and try to get your comprehension and spelling work done on reading eggspress?  Are you taking care to think carefully about your answers before you write them in your workbooks or on the screen?  Perhaps that could be a target for this week?

I’d also like you all to go out into your gardens over the next few weeks and see how many of the trees you can recognise by their new leaves opening from buds- try to remember all the work we did about that earlier in the year. Some of you wonderful little artists could maybe make sketches of the buds and leaves each day to see how much they change in 24 hours- or use a phone or camera to take shots and compare the detail after a week? That would make a gorgeous display for your wall.  I spent my weekend gardening and putting out all my plants for the summer- if you have flowers in your garden, why not try sketching them as well?  Be good and I’ll chat again tomorrow. Bye for now.

Mrs McGouran