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World Around Us

Aodhann has produced a fab veg garden and is watering it with water collected in his water butt.

Chloe’s PowerPoint presentation about the Ancient Egyptians- well worth a look

Chloe has certainly had fun creating all these wonderful pieces. Fabulous work sweetheart.

Another fabulous entry for the water butt competition- this time from Katie.

Eilish has made a great success of growing her own vegetables from seed. Well done pet.

Caoimhe’s water butt!

Caoimhe has been busy planting while we’ve been off school- my favourite pastime too!!!!!

Water butt made by Caitlin

Cliodhna putting her green fingers to good use!

Katie’s Ancient Egyptian Presentation

Still image for this video
So, so, so delighted to receive this Katie. Well done you! I’m sure everyone will enjoy seeing and hearing you. Thank you pet.

Over the next few weeks we will be doing some work about our next topic-Water In Our World. Could you think for a little while and then write down all the things you know about water- what it is, when and where and how we use it? Then write down all the things you’d like to find out about water. I'll write notes each day in my messages tab advising you what to do as we go along.  REMEMBER - there is absolutely no rush and I won't be removing these notes, so you can even keep having a go during the holidays if you like!

This booklet and individual worksheets below will help you to do your work on our new topic.  The little white icons with PDF written in red are all worksheets that can be printed.  Icons with PPT on them are powerpoint presentations to give you some information before you start each part.  All of the websites below will give you enough information to find out about Water In Our World over the next 8 weeks - there is absolutely no rush to do this work!!!  Spend some time watching the videos and googling anything you find interesting about Water In Our World before you try doing any of the worksheets. If you do the work in the order I have it on the page it should be easy enough to follow.   I hope you enjoy these activities and I've a great one for you at the end - needless to say I'm not telling you yet what it is!

I have uploaded lots of links to art activities using watercolour paints and pencils in the art tab.  Have a look at them and then give them a try - I've done these before using the inside of cereal boxes and packages - not the shiny sides - it gives a lovely texture to watercolour painting - and saves you buying special paper!  PLEASE send me photos of your pictures. I'd love to see them!smiley

Where Does Water Come From?

The Silent Valley reservoir in County Down