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Welcome P1KL

Happy Summer Holidays P1,

You are a fantastic class and I loved meeting all of you and teaching you. We learned lots of things together and had lots of fun!  I'm so sad our year was cut short so quickly and that we didn't get to meet again.  I can't wait to see you again in September (you will just be next door in Mrs Mc Kiernan's class), see how you have all grown and hear all your news!

Keep safe

Mrs Laverty




Hi all. Long time no see. How are you all doing? I'm sure plenty of sounds, tricky words and numbers are being learned. Hopefully you all have had plenty of play and learning outside in the sun and the sun will come back to us again for plenty more. Can I ask mums and dads if possible to take a few short videos of your child doing some of the GAA 5Star skills and send to the school email address. Hope you're all having plenty of fun and that I'll see you all again soon.

Mrs Laverty