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At School Close

At School Close

The end has come, as come it must

To all things in these sweet June days,

The teacher and the scholar trust

Their parting feet to separate ways.

They part but in the years to be

Small pleasant memories cling to each,

As shells bear inland from the sea

The murmur of the rhythmic beach.

Goodbye and good luck, Primary Sevens!

Goodbye and good luck Primary Sevens!

Raising Money for Trócaire!

We had a Bun Sale to raise money for Trócaire. Wasn't that a really delicious idea?

Lots of Lovely Home-baked Buns!

Friday 27th March was Dress Up Day in Book Month. We dressed up as book characters. Don't we look great?

Dressing up as Book Characters

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of Children


The children of Primary 7CA made party hats to celebrate the 25th birthday of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). We learned a cool song to sing at Assembly. It was called "I've Got Rights". 

Party hats for a Celebration!

7CA all Dressed up for the Halloween Disco!

 Halloween Acrostic by Peadar


Holy veil thin, devils slipping through,

All Hallows!

Lots and lots of freakish monsters.

Levitating ghosts scaring little children.

Ogres, witches, goblins! We have them all!

Waiting for it all to be over.

Everyone's fear is here

Every corner you turn is filled with fear.

Nightmares come alive, curfew's early the night 'cause Halloween is here...


Big Telly Theatre Company

The pupils' imaginations ran wild as they invented a variety of scenarios and acted them out.

It was all very WEIRD and WONDERFUL!

7CA pupils attended a Drama Workshop just before Hallowe'en! It was great fun!

Big Telly Theatre Company


The "Eggsperiment" - A Helmet for an Egg!

Here are some photographs of our “Eggsperiment” where we designed and tested safety helmets for an egg. It was fun but there was a serious learning side to it all.

We realised how important it is to wear cycle helmets to protect our brains. 

The two Primary 7 classes worked together on this topic.

Welcome to P7CA


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