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Prize Day Cup Winners

Platinum Cup Winners in 5CA!

These two lads are from 5CA and they play football with Ballycastle United (under 10s).

At the Antrim Rovers Festival they were Tournament winners of the top prize, the Platinum cup!

Spelling Prize Winner had 59 Gold Stars!

Ancient Egyptian Cats

As part of our Ancient Egypt Topic we made pottery models of the Goddess Bastet, the Cat Goddess.

He's a Wizard with Words!

Silver Certificate

Now he has been awarded his SILVER Certificate!

Bronze Award Accelerated Reader

Bronze award for 5CA boy who also became an Accelerated Reader Word Millionaire! Words Read: 1,249,836. Very well done!

Easter Egg Winners

In our class we had an Easter Egg Raffle to raise money for Trócaire. Above is a picture of the three prize winners.

Below is a picture of the girl in our class who won the GIANT Cuddly Toy AND an Easter Egg in the Trócaire Raffle.

Cuddly Toy winner

Dressing up as Book Characters for the last day of Book Month!

We love to read and we enjoyed dressing up as book characters. Mr and Mrs Twit were the winners in our class but everyone looked fantastic in their costumes!

Can you tell which characters we came as?

Making Bee Boxes for Solitary Bees

Two ladies from the National Trust (Robyn Barr and Paige McKeown) visited our class. They showed us how to make bee boxes. It was great fun and we are going to take them home. Hopefully the bees will like the shelters we have prepared for them. 

We Made Cards for Saint Patrick's Day.

Arabic Writing

As part of Palestine week we had fun trying to write our names in Arabic.


On Wednesday 21st September we went for a walk to Ballycastle Forest.This was part of our topic "The Forest" and we took note of the sights, sounds, smells and tastes we encountered on the way.

We enjoyed dressing up for Hallowe'en!

We made Saint Brigid's Crosses.