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Week starting 18th May

Friday, 22nd May

Good morning 5MMG- another week rattled past!  Here’s an address for a great art competition that you can all enter for a bit of fun:  
I’ll put a proper link to it in the art tab- have a look- you don’t have to be an artist to enter- they want you to show what you love about Ballycastle- what could be easier???? Nicest place on Earth lol🌞🌞🌞🌞

Online Superstar updates for this week!

Aoibheann - Spelling Supremo of the week

Caitlin, Scarlett & Shauna - great use of Reading Eggs this week.

Caoimhe, Caitlin, Chloe, Emily & Cliodhna - top performers in comprehension exercises. Well done.

Prodigy Maths:

Aoibheann, you're on a roll this week pet!  Top performer of the week here as well. Amazing effort pet.

Cliodhna, Killian, Eli, Caitlin, Caoimhe & Isla - fabulous performances this week. 

Keep it up everyone and very well done!

I've uploaded some great videos of you all playing tennis, soccer and GAA 5 star skills - they are in the Parents Tab, under school clubs.  Why not have a look and let your friends know they are there?  The skills are absolutely amazing.
I hope you’ll enjoy your learning packs . Spend the weekend having fun and you can get back to hard work on Tuesday. Have a lovely weekend and we’ll chat again on Tuesday.

Mrs McGouran


Thursday, 21st May.
Good morning 5MMG.  Some of you may be getting your new learning packs today and tomorrow- take some time to look through them all and choose which pages in the Literacy and Numeracy booklets that you’d like to do first.  You are welcome to pick and choose from them all- just try to make sure you do some work on both areas each day because this really will make life easier for you in the future when you eventually get back to school.  Also- remember to keep up with ReadingEggspress and Prodigy maths. Are you all still using Corbett maths for your 5-a-day? I hope so!
The World Around Us pages are slightly different- you need to follow the powerpoints and web pages I’ve set out in the WAU tab so that the topic will make sense.  Watch all of the videos before you try to do any of the worksheets in case you get mixed up. You don’t have to do that in one day or even one week- just do a little bit every day and you’ll be amazed at what you get done. After that, you can flick through the worksheets and choose 1 or 2 that you feel you can try on your own- perhaps the dot to dots, matching activities or word searches.  Make sure that you are careful and work neatly to present your work. There is an investigation to do- leave that for a few days and I’ll explain it later.  At the end of this topic I’d like you to spend the final week preparing a learning log and hopefully send photos or videos of you presenting them in to the school info account.  As promised, there is a lovely little activity to do at the end- I haven’t forgotten!  I really hope you enjoy your new pieces of work and fun activities.
On another topic- it was great to see Arthur and Conall when I was out for my walk today.

Keep safe everyone and remember to stay at least 2 metres apart at all times because we’ll all need to practice this for our return to school! Bye for today

Mrs McGouran
 Isla, Killian & Chloe- well done on Prodigy maths🌟


Wednesday, 20th May
A lovely day to come! Congrats to Aoibheann, Eli, Caitlin and Caoimhe for your progress in Prodigy Maths. Conall I’m delighted with the work you’re doing- fantastic effort pet- keep it up.  A quick reminder about how it works as I’ve had a query from a mum - every week I set up a specific area of maths to be worked on in the background of the games- as pupils “battle” opponents they are actually being tested on those aspects and I can then check their work on those skills. The program is designed to stimulate pupils and engage them, while at the same time gauging, measuring and altering the questions to best suit each player. These are the “tasks” I’ve been referring to in my messages and it’s these results that I’m commenting on in my feedback to you all. Hope that’s clear now. Glad to see so many of you engaged with it- it’s actually good fun isn’t it? Keep up the hard work. Chat soon.

Mrs McGouran

Tuesday, 19th May
Good morning 5MMG. A big thank you to Kayla for the photo of her beautiful May altar which you can see in our RE tab. It’s really lovely pet. Great start to the week for Eli, Caoimhe & Caitlinn- fab scores- keep it up! Mrs McNeill has arranged for our school to take part in a virtual sports day which you can compete in. You can find the details in our PE tab. Register at this address:

Don’t worry about the registration date on the site- it’s been extended so you can take part.

Good luck & some photos please!
Mrs McGouran

Monday, 18th May

Good morning everyone. A little bit of rain this morning to water the gardens- mine can do with it. Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed yourselves.  And so it’s time to get back to work. Thank you so much to Katie, Isla and Cliodhna for sending in photos/videos of what you’ve been doing. If you look in the art tab, the RE tab and the world around us tab you’ll find them. It’s great to see you again and I’m sure your friends will be delighted to see you and your work. I’ll post up any work any of you send in to the school email info account. I’d love to see it. 
Can you all please remember to do your comprehension and spelling exercises on reading eggspress this week? And don’t forget this week’s challenge on prodigy maths. I was delighted to see so many of you doing quizzes last week on accelerated reader. Have any of you used the library section in Reading Eggspress and done a quiz on the book to get your points?  Keep at these tasks until you get your new workbooks at the end of the week- there are some bits to keep you all amused. Be good and I’ll chat tomorrow 

Mrs McGouran