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Week starting 25th May

Hi 5MMG.  That's another week finished - this year really is flying by!  Time for a round-up of all the online work you've been submitting for me...

Accelerated Reader: Top performer this week ... Cliodhna!!!! Well done Toots - you're almost at your target - keep going! 

Reading Eggspress: Spellings top scorer - Caoimhe

Aodhann,Caitlin & Scarlett, very close behind and fantastic work.

Reading Eggspress: Comprehension - top dogs this week are...Aoibheann, Chloe & Killian.  That's fabulous all of you.

Prodigy Maths - Rank 1 for this week is... smiley... Aoibheann again!  Way to go little lady!  Very proud of you!  Fantastic effort pet so keep this up. Most work done this week ...smiley...Caoimhe again!!!  You two are superstars this it! Others to absolutely shine this week are:...Rhyss, Aodhann, Sophia, Shauna, Emily & Killian - great effort from you all.  Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine...I promise you I will...cheeky  Bye for now.

Mrs McGouran

Thursday, 28th May  Good morning 5MMG. 

Another absolutely beautiful day ahead of us!    What a pleasure to see you making such amazing progress on Prodigy Maths, Sophia! smiley  Well done pet...keep this up now...try and convince your pals to come online as well. Scarlett, Kayla and Katie, you have all almost completed your accelerated reader targets - see if you can get to the next level in the next couple of weeks - well done.  Aoibheann, Aodhann & Caitlin, you're storming through your tasks on Reading Eggspress - fabulous work all of you. 

Are you all working your way through the Water in Our World booklet now - especially the pages about Water in the Human Body and how much water we use at home- as well as how much we waste?  Have any of you tried the water colour painting yet?  I'd LOVE to see your pictures - remember there are instruction videos in our Art tab to help you.  When you've finished all your hard work, go on outside and enjoy the sunny weather - practice your GAA 5 star skills and send me videos of yourselves doing them.  Have a great day today and have fun.

Mrs McGouran

Wednesday, 27th May

Hi Everyone!  Did you all enjoy the sunny weather yesterday?  It was gorgeous wasn't it? Hope you're all getting on with some of the work in the booklets you got last weekend.  Please don't forget to log on as well and complete the comprehension and spelling exercises on Reading Eggspress and the tasks that are set up for you on Prodigy Maths. Remember to do your 5-a-day on Corbett Maths as well. These are the only way I can get an accurate idea of how you are getting and I'm very nosy, as you know!  I just love keeping an eye on all of you.laugh 

A big congratulations to Caitlin for hitting her target in Accelerated Reader.  Well done pet!yes  Aodhann you've done really well so far this week on Prodigy Maths - good lad and keep it up.  Caoimhe & Chloe, again, fabulous work from the pair of you on Reading Eggspress - great girls.  A very special shout out to Sophia & Aoibhinn - delighted to see you on there!  I've missed you!  Keep it up everyone- and if any of you are in touch with your pals, why not remind them to log on and let me see what they're at? 

I'd like to remind you all to spend some time for the rest of this week, finding out about water in the human body and then about how we use water in our homes.  You can use the fact sheets and Powerpoints and website links on our WAU tab to get the information.  When you've found out all the information you want, you can then start to fill in the worksheets in the Water workbook.  Take your time and remember to be careful with your hand-writing, spelling and grammar.  The presentation of your work is terribly important.  Perhaps you could look up some artists who paint using watercolours and see if you could copy their technique?  There is a simple guide on our art page to help you and give some ideas.  Photos please of any you do?  Enjoy today and I'll be back later.

Mrs McGouran

Tuesday, 26th May

Good morning everyone. I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend- glad to see you’re keeping up the hard work Aoibheann!  This week we’re going to start doing a little more work on our topic when you have time. I’d like you all to read the fact sheets and PowerPoints about water facts. When you’ve done that, find the pages in your workbook and complete the ones about water facts. If you’re feeling artistic perhaps you could prepare your own ”fact sheet” with illustrations? I expect that to take you about an hour or so- no rush - but feel free to send in photos of any you do so I can show your friends. Chat later.

Mrs Moira McGouran