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Welcome to

St Patrick's and St Brigid's Nursery

2021 to 2022



St Patrick’s and St Brigid’s Nursery is an exciting place, where we have a lot of fun. 

It is a happy and busy school where ‘play is the work of our children’.

This is a place where they feel loved and cared for.


Our aim is to ensure that the children coming to the nursery

whether that be in our morning or afternoon sessions, learn through play.

We provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment,

where our children are listened to and can follow their own interests.


We encourage them to be independent as possible.

We work closely with our children's families and local outside agents to ensure that our children's first experiences of school are positive ones.

We provide our children with the foundation to grow and develop in the  6 key areas of the curriculum including, maths, social skills, language, physical skills, the environment and the arts.

We recognise how important it is to lay a great foundation for life long learning.


To help with transitioning from Home to Pre-school  watch these clips: