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Hello 3MMB !

The summer has arrived and you are about to start your summer holidays!

I want to thank all of you for being such a lovely class to teach this year. I was very sad that our school year ended so suddenly in March but I know that you all worked very hard over the last few weeks. It's time now to put away your books and enjoy your holidays. I have so many happy memories of our time together as a class. P.3 is always such a special year. Our celebration of  First Confession was lovely and I was so proud of you all on that special day . When you come back in September and you are big P.4s please don't forget to give me a little wave and a big smile.  Take care and thank you all for being such a lovely group of children.

                   Best wishes from Mrs McBride

Guidance and Resources for Parents during the School Closure 2020

We have received recent guidance from the ETI (Education and Training Inspectorate) regarding learning at home during the school closure.  (PDF document below) You will see that some of these websites mentioned are already on the list given out for your class and there are some others for you to explore.  The ETI state that “It is also very important that there is a balance between online learning, written and practical activities, outdoor learning and free time.” The teacher guidance given for your child includes written and practical activities as well as outdoor learning and free time.  Many of these activities particularly lend themselves to the home environment, taking the pressure off parents who feel they need to recreate a mini classroom at home – you will be relieved to know, you don’t! 

September - Our Class Charter

September - Activity Based Learning - Topic: Journeys

October - Halloween!

December - Activity Based Learning - Topic: Celebrations!

January - GAA 5Star - P3 Hurling & Camogie Blitz

February - Activity Based Learning - Topic: Life in the Arctic

February - Life in the Arctic - Learning Logs

March - Lent

March - 2D Shape Pictures

March - Getting ready to learn about Florence Nightingale