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The Department of Education (DE) has proposed a scheme whereby all current year 6 children and their parents may access online learning programmes in Literacy and Maths.  We have registered all the current Primary Six children where needed.  Details of the two programmes recommended by DE are contained in the documents below.  Please note that participation in these programmes is purely voluntary and is not a compulsory part of education for your child going into Primary Seven in September.  We are making the information available if children and parents wish to avail of this free scheme. 

Summer Learning

Reading  - Why not give the Summer Reading Challenge a go!  

All the details are in the documents below.  Read your book, complete your AR quiz and collect your certificate when you return to school.


Tables   -  It’s really important to keep revising your tables.

Have a go at these fun can games to help you remember your Times Tables.

Maths  -  Revise the four operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

Make up your own sums like the ones below and write your answer.  Ask someone to check your answer or check it yourself using a calculator.



                               2546                   9503                  4682               5   )  7934

                            + 5939                  - 7295                x       6



Home Learning Activities
Click on each link to access the resources for each curriculum area.

We have received recent guidance from the ETI (Education and Training Inspectorate) regarding learning at home during the school closure.  (PDF document below) You will see that some of these websites mentioned are already on the list given out for your class and there are some others for you to explore.  The ETI state that “It is also very important that there is a balance between online learning, written and practical activities, outdoor learning and free time.” The teacher guidance given for your child includes written and practical activities as well as outdoor learning and free time.  Many of these activities particularly lend themselves to the home environment, taking the pressure off parents who feel they need to recreate a mini classroom at home – you will be relieved to know, you don’t! 

Our first day in Primary 6