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‘Do your best and nothing less’

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In St Patrick’s and St. Brigid’s Primary School we work tirelessly to ensure that each child is recognised and cherished for who they are. Every member of our school team tries their best to ensure that our children are happy, healthy and ready to learn every day. Our school motto is ‘Do your Best and Nothing Less!’ and we seek to help each child to build strong foundations for their young lives, foundations on which our young people can build happy and successful lives. We believe that we will do this by opening doorways for every child, removing any barriers that they may be experiencing to their learning, and instilling a sense of self-belief and self-worth, one rooted in faith, love and trust in God.


Ballycastle has a strong tradition of myths and legends about the area, including the legends about the ‘Children of Lir' and 'Finn Mc Cool' - our local giant! We promote and participate with great success in traditional Irish sports such as hurling and camogie, as well as football and a range of sports. We endeavour to further enrich the lives of our pupils through music and the arts. 

We receive Extended Schools funding as well as Shared Education support, and we use these opportunities to become actively involved in local and national activities and projects, fostering a sense of social justice and inclusion.


As a Catholic school, Christ is at our core and central to what we do every day. Our Catholic Church is adjacent to the school, forming a close bond, as we are the parish school with the same name as the church, St Patrick's and St Brigid's. We take our example from Jesus as we try to create a climate throughout the school of collegiality, listening, trust, collaboration, healing and peace, in the hope that we are preparing our young people to take their place and make a difference one day in our parish and community.


Please take some time to take a look around our school website, meet our pupils, see their work and keep informed of all that is happening.


Roisin McCarry



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If you require information about our Nursery Unit or Primary School or would like arrange to meet the principal and see around the school, please ring the school directly. Alternatively please send us a message on this contact form and we will reply as soon as we can. Please note that we strive to reply within 24hrs to messages, on occasions we may take a little longer due to a number of reasons including, the school being closed, unexpected computer system failure or other school daily commitments; so if you have not received a reply within 2 or 3 days please ring the school Tel: 02820762765.