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On Saint Brigid's Day, the first of February, we made Saint Brigid's Crosses.

It was snowing outside but we were warm and cosy in the classroom and we made this artistic creation during break and lunchtime.

Science Project: Growing Hyacinths

We are growing hyacinths in jars of water. This is a good way to grow bulbs because you can see that the roots grow first and drink the water. We thought the roots looked a bit like spaghetti. Then a green shoot forms at the top of the bulb. This will eventually be the leaves and the flower. Hyacinth flowers have a lovely smell. They made us think of spring although it is December.


As the poet Shelley said, "Oh wind if Winter comes can Spring be far behind?"






We wore our Christmas jumpers to raise money for Concern.


Happy Hallowe'en!

Enya's Hallowe'en Acrostic

Haunted houses creak and groan.

All children trick or treat.

Lots of people decorate their houses.

Little children dress up as scary as they can.

Old wizards are in the woods.

Witches fly on their magic broomsticks.

Every house is giving out treats.

Everyone needs to BEWARE!

Nearly everywhere you go you can see ghosts.

Topic Work Early Man

We did Art inspired by Early Man's Cave Paintings.