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Art Club pictures which were framed and displayed in the school in 2017:

P7 Art Club pictures

In the Style of Gustav Klimt

The Art Club members studied the works of Gustav Klimt and produced these displays.

Art and Craft Club kicked off on 6th October 2016 with Watercolour Paintings. This is a really talented bunch of kids!

Watercolour painting

12th October and it was Pottery Time in the Art and Craft Club! The children were modelling Mallard Ducks out of clay. Some decided to make Mallard families. Watch this space to see how they will turn out when they are painted...

Painting the Mallards

The wait is over folks! We painted our pottery Mallard Ducks today. The internet was employed to research authentic plumage colours. Then the young artists carefully mixed acrylic paints to achieve the most realistic shades. And voilà...see for yourselves the terrific results! A great time was had by all.  

Staff from here and Ballycastle Integrated work out together!!!!

Indoor Camogie Club gets "Into The Swing! and we won the North Antrim Championship!

Santa is on his way... and in order to limber up those limbs, all our fit little dancers were prepared to entertain their parents with their annual Christmas performance.  It was a huge success and enjoyed by performers and audience alike.  Well done to you all.

Walking Club has re-started.  Some fun to be had down near the beach!

Walking Club

Nothing like a dander across the beach and river, followed up by dodging the fountains at the quay to end a perfect week! We are really looking forward to sharing the craic with some of you mums and dads when we start again in September. Please come along... We'd love to share this with you.

Art and Craft Club 2015-2016

Everyone enjoyed modelling the pottery swans from air-drying clay. The decorative finishing touches with acrylic paints required deep concentration!

Painting Pottery Swans October 2015

Art and Craft Club 2014-2015

This is what Jakub said about the Art Club in the Chronicle:

"I'm doing a picture about the Titanic in Art Club with paint. It's going to be framed and hung in the school. It'll be a painting of the Titanic ship and an iceberg right in front of it so it's right before it hits it. I've been working on it for two weeks and it'll be ready next week. We can paint what we want at Art Club and I chose Titanic."

Here you can see photographs of Jakub's finished painting.

Art Club Paintings

Below you can see more Art Club members' paintings which were selected for framing and are now on display in the school.

Pictures for display in the school

Pottery work and Engraving are very popular activities with Art Club members. In these photographs you can see children making clay swans and mallard ducks. Also you can see examples of the Engraving work. Some of the pupils in these pictures are involved in watercolour art. Also you can see children working at weaving tasks.

Spot the Fish!

Eco Club

How do you re-use your old glass jars?

Look at our ideas...

Planting pots and beds, baking apple pies, repairing punctures - it's all go in the Eco Club!
Maths is fun Club
P3 are exploring the 100 square  ...
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