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Hi everyone.  I know lots of you must be missing your after school activities and all the clubs you belong to - so do I!  Sean has been asking you to video yourselves learning new skills for soccer and sending the videos to me.  I hope you all enjoy seeing yourselves on the website - make sure to tell your pals that it is up here and I'll upload more as I get them.  

Keep practicing your soccer, hurling, camogie, gaelic football and tennis skills - all the school teams will need you next year when things get back.

Have fun!

Mrs McGouran

Tennis and soccer skills

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This is the last video for this year showing the tennis and soccer skills of our pupils, which they practiced at home. Well done to every single one of you.

GAA 5 Star superstars

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Amazing little Gaels of the future- watch out other north Antrim schools- we’re back in training!

Now this is not what I thought the frying pan was for! However, it’s far more fun.

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Tennis stars of the future

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The school organises a number of after-school clubs for children.   After school activities almost always last all year.  Please be aware, when you sign your child up for an activitiy, that you are doing so for the duration of the school year - unless in exceptional circumstances.

At this time during 2019-2020 activities/clubs will include:








Gaelic Football



Year 2 soccer


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Soccer & Tennis award winners

Year 5 & 6 camogs at Loreto College inaugural Stars of the Future tournament. Eimear was Player of the Tournament.

Another year of after school activities is upon us!  We all hope our pupils have a great year, taking part in sport, art, music and dance after school.  We are very proud of the diverse opportunities we offer the children in our school and hope you enjoy looking at these photos of what we get up to throughout the year.

North Antrim Indoor Camogie Champions 2017 - 2018

We are All-County Indoor Champions Again!!!!! Fantastic girls!!!

North Antrim Cumann na mBunscol Indoor Camogie Champions 2016/17

Outdoor Camogie

Indoor Camogie

Another year comes to an end!  We've had a great time in school this year and celebrated our final after-school event with our annual piano recital in the school hall.  Well done to all our budding musicians.


May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support of all our after school activities and I look forward to starting all over again in September.  Have a great summer and enjoy your "little darlings."   Moira McGouran

Welcome to 2016 and we are looking forward to taking part in all our after-school activities.  Piano begins this week and Dance begins on Friday, 8th January, 2016 and all other activities begin again next week - starting on Monday, the 11th January.  Looking forward to seeing all your kids getting involved.

Moira McGouran

The Christmas Dance performance was a tremendous success.  Can you spot your own little darling?

Cumann na mBunscol indoor 5-a-side camogie tournament.  We were second!! Fantastic for us and a great day out from school! 

It's that time of the school year again!!! Teachers, reluctantly, close the door of the classroom and wish the kids a good summer holiday... some of us might even enjoy the holidays as well!!! Before that of course, we have a few occasions on which we celebrate everything that has happened during the year and the school dance club is always a highlight!  I hope you enjoy the photos below.  Have a great summer and I hope to see you all again in September.

Moira McGouran

Year 4 - 7 tennis lessons are now taking place at the tennis courts on Mary Street.  Can I please ask parents to ensure they pick their children up promptly at 4.10pm, as the tutor needs to leave and get to Coleraine for a further lesson after ours? 

Unless the weather is very bad, these lessons will continue down there for the remainder of the year.  If there is very adverse weather, we will make every effort to inform you if there is a change necessary to bring the children indoors for a session. There are some places available for Year 4 - 7 tennis.  Please ask about forms to enrol.

French, Spanish, Soccer, Drama and Dance all re-start this week.  Please make every possible effort to pay in advance of the first lesson, directly to the tutor. 


Thanks again for your continued support.

Spanish and French classes utilising all the benefits of ICT along with tutor Mrs Mary Kelly Dodds.

Soccer has re-started!

Piano Lessons - our pupils are making excellent progress in their piano lessons - and can even manage to grab a little snack in the middle!!!



Years 1- 3 lessons will take place in the blue dining hall during this time of year.  Please make every effort to pick your child up promptly at 3pm as the coach needs to travel down to the tennis courts immediately afterwards to take our older pupils for their session.  If you become aware that you may be held up, please ring the school as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements to ensure your child is looked after until you arrive.


On days when the weather is too bad to play outside, sessions for years 4-7 will take place in the school hall.  We will make every effort to keep you informed as early as possible about any changes to location for your child's session.  Here's hoping they all enjoy their time on the tennis courts!



Dance Christmas Performance Photos



I am really delighted to see so many of our pupils using the school facilities after school hours.  The uptake of after-school activities has been tremendous and a special big "Thank-you" for all the support you are giving us, Mums and Dads! 


We are extremely disappointed that we have had to temporarily cancel Irish classes after school.  This is entirely due to the very small number of returns made to the school expressing an interest in Irish.  Would any parents who were unable, for any reason, to forward their interest, and would like their child to avail of this opportunity, please contact me at school.  If there is sufficient demand for Irish classes in the near future, we will certainly do everything we can to facilitate this. Those parents who have already returned forms to me do not need to do so again, as I will keep these on file.


Where there is a 'charge' for an activity we request that the full amount is paid directly to the tutor - not the school! on the first day of each activity?  


I hope your child has great fun at each of these activities throughout the year.  If you have any questions or difficulties, feel free to contact me in school. smiley

Moira McGouran